What is Viewfinder?

We are the marketplace for travel photography

We’re partnering with local photographers, from around the world, to create photography guides of our favorite shooting locations. With Viewfinder guides you’ll know exactly how to get to the right place, at the right time, to get the best shots possible. Take the guesswork out of your next trip, and shoot like a local.

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Viewfinder features

Explore a city through the lens of a local

Discover perspectives and locations that only local photographers know about.

Smartphone and DSLR friendly

From stabalized long-exposures to smart phone snaps, find the right shot for you.

Find the exact shooting locations

Our maps guide you to the exact standing position for the best shooting perspectives.

Know what time is the prime time

Sunrise, sunset, blue hour, a two week period in late February? Know before you go.

Photo details

Pack the right equipment and use the right settings

Camera Type

Full-frame DSLR? iPhone? Find locations suitable for your gear

Lens Type

Make sure you’ve got the right lens in the bag before you go

Lens Filter

Shooting that long exposure midday? Better pack the ND filter


Get details on the ideal stabilizing system for each shot

Shutter Speed

Try the pro’s setting to control exposure and motion, or experiment


Control your subject with the perfect depth of field setting


Know when it’s okay to bump up that ISO a bit

Focal Length

Frame your shots beautifully with the exact zoom used

Become a photography guide author

Get paid for sharing your favoite shooting locations

Our guides are created by local photographers from around the globe. We hand pick our authors for their high-quality work, unique photographic perspectives, and thorough knowledge of top shooting locations in their area. Interested in joining Viewfinder’s guide authoring team? Send us your info below with a link to your portfolio or Instagram page and we’ll be in touch!

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